Bhutan Tourism Update – Stayput vs Touring?

Bhutan Tourism Update – Stayput vs Touring?

Stayput vs Touring in Bhutan - what's best?

New luxury resorts in Bhutan, like the Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary, are potentially changing the mindset of Bhutan being a mainly ‘touring’ destination.

Let’s explore the differences.

Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary - Paro

To Tour or Not to Tour?

In the past Bhutan & Beyond has been firmly entrenched in the philosophy that travellers to Bhutan, for whatever reason they choose to visit, should take a multi-valley tour to gain the best possible experience.

And to a large extent we still believe this to be true, especially for first time visitors. Each of Bhutan’s valleys has a different feel; the people can look & dress differently and speak different dialects – and the awesome natural beauty shifts as you traverse across the Kingdom.

However, a number of the luxury style resorts are now painting a picture that will entice those who prefer to avoid 2-3 night stops in various valleys in favour of a ‘Staycation’ style experience. This could involve staying 5-7 nights (or more) at a single property. Or perhaps consider 3-5 nights at 2-3 different properties & valleys, and therefore gaining an in-depth view of selected regions. Plus focusing more on personal well-being and relaxation. These alternatives also cut down on the road travel times between valleys on your journey.

After all, Bhutan is highly regarded as a safe, serene and very laid back destination where interaction with the delightful locals is a key part of the Bhutan ‘experience’.

So, no matter what your preference for ‘stayput vs touring’ you can be assured of a very rewarding journey.

Luxury Resorts for Staycation Alternatives

COMO Uma Punakha

Check out these luxury resorts that offer the perfect locations & facilities for extended stays. The costs quoted on each web page are in addition to the set Bhutan Govt nightly tourist tariff So please do ask us for a quote.

COMO Uma in Paro and Punakha valleys

Gangtey Lodge in Phobjika valley

Amankora Lodges in 5 different valleys

Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary just off Paro valley

Zhiwa Ling Heritage Resort in Paro valley

And soon we’ll be offering Six Senses Resorts, also in 5 different valleys. 

Article by James Irving – Bhutan Travel Expert

James Irving Bhutan Travel Expert

James has worked in the travel industry for over 40 years & has been involved in the leisure, corporate, group, sport, incentive & wholesale travel genres.

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