Amankora Luxury Lodges

Amankora Lodge Paro

Combining ‘aman’, the Sanskrit word for ‘peace’ and ‘kora’ meaning ‘circular pilgrimage’ in Dzongkha, the Bhutanese language, Amankora is a series of luxury lodges in Bhutan’s central and western valleys. Designed in traditional Bhutanese Dzong style, Amankora lodges offer the discerning traveller to Bhutan a truly premium quality experience.

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The Amankora Journey

The Amankora Journey is a 7+ night private tour staying exclusively at Amankora luxury lodges. Strategically located in 5 different valleys the Amankora journey can be extended and/or tailored to suit individual needs. It can also be combined with a trekking component in one or more valleys. All five lodges have their own spa facilities, massive suites, serve the very best gourmet cuisine in Bhutan and are situated in the most delightful and unique settings. During your journey, Amankora is pleased to provide you with one complimentary 1 hour massage which you may enjoy at any one of the 5 lodges….more


Amankora Thimphu

The perfect place to start your path through pristine landscapes, ancient dzongs and secluded villages on a true cycle of discovery. Set in a blue pine forest in the upper reaches of the Motithang area of the adjacent Thimphu Valley, the 16-suite Amankora Thimphu is close to the capital’s sights and shopping while remaining a peaceful retreat ….more


Amankora Punakha

Situated east of the Dochu La Pass and just north of the impressive Punakha Dzong and the private summer residence of His Majesty the King, Amankora Punakha is reached by crossing a suspension bridge over the Mo Chhu (Mother River). More than 85% of the district is forested with a mixture of conifer and broadleaf trees ….more


Amankora Gangtey

Bumthang is the spiritual hub of Bhutan & the birth place of the monarchy. Steeped in history and the peppered with impressive Dzongs and Monasteries dating back to the 15th century. The 16 suite lodge which overlooks established orchards and the grounds of one of Bhutan’s royal palaces ….more


Amankora Bumthang

Bumthang is the spiritual hub of Bhutan where everything is saturated with folklore and stories that are as relevant today as they were when they first became part of the Bhutanese consciousness….more


Amankora Paro

The first built of a series of Amankora lodges sited in Bhutan’s main valleys, Amankora Paro is best scheduled as your last stop in Bhutan to include a pilgrimage hike to Taktsang Monastery and be closer to Paro Airport for your departing flight.beneath the peaceful presence of Himalayan peaks such as Chomolhari …more

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