Village & Farm Home Stays

Phobjikha Farm House - Altar Room
Bhutanese Farm Houses


Now when you travel to Bhutan you have the option of incorporating in your journey a village or farm home stay.

Bhutan has a 158 village or farm home stays approved by the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) in 2021, across 13 districts of the country. 


About Village & Farm Home Stays

  • A reasonable degree of English is spoken by all host families.
  • Village & farm home stay charges are the same as staying in a standard 3* hotel.
  • Village & farm home stays are mainly located in rural areas and offer modest standard of accommodation &  shared bathroom facilities. 
  • Village & farm stays give you an authentic local cultural & lifestyle experience.
  • Home & farm stays offer typical Bhutanese meals, differing from what is offered at the hotel restaurants. 
  • Rooming configuration at home stay properties is on a twin basis (no double beds) 
  • Please be aware there are no shower facilities and hand-washing only is possible, during your stay at a village or farm home stays. Western style toilets are generally offered for guests.
  • Home Stays are available in most regions in Bhutan once outside Thimphu. (Bhutan’s Capital)

Archery lessons can be arranged or a game of Deogar (stone game) with the local villagers. Or  experience a hot stone bath, cooking class at additional cost. 

You can experience the daily life with of the Bhutanese farmer, be it churning butter early in the morning or working side by side in the fields.


Please Note

  • You will still have the full services of your personal Driver and Guide during your home stay experience when required.
  • We do recommend when staying at home stay properties you carry your own torch, small towel & any necessary toiletries.
  • Some home stays in Eastern Bhutan have access to the property via short steep stairs & we recommend you carry a soft bag to pop needed items into for your stay and leave your suitcase with your driver and vehicle. (You will be able to access your suitcase as required)

Bhutan Farming Seasons

  • January/February is when the farmers sow the seeds in their rice paddy plantations.
  • Paddy transplantation occurs mid June to mid July.
  • Weeding of the paddy is done once or twice a year usually in July.
  • Rice Harvesting takes place mid August to mid September.
  • Beating and sorting of rice takes place late September into October.
  • Grinding of rice in small community mills, occurs later in October.