Bhutan Mythbuster – Visas

Bhutan Visas for Tourist Visitors Bhutan Mythbuster - Visas: Why do many travel journos misunderstand Bhutan's tourist visa process? It's actually so simple! James & Nicola Irving, from Bhutan &…

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Bhutan Covid News

Our Bhutan Partner: BTCL. Since 2003 BTCL have been our contracted ground operator partners in Bhutan. Our relationship is very close and we are all like family together.Thinley Dorji is…

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Buddha Gift to Bhutan from India

India is a very good friend to Bhutan in so many ways. Guru Rinpoche, the second Buddha, was born in the 8th century. He is largely responsible for the spread of Buddhism through Tibet, Bhutan and some other parts of Asia. Also included in this post is the Bhutan & Region COVID-19 Update

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