Bhutan Tourism Update
Bhutan is over 70% forest

Bhutan Tourism Update

Bhutan Is A Model For Sustainability. Did you know Bhutan actually has ‘sustainability’ written into its Constitution? And all thanks to the far-sighted and revered 4th King, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, or K4 as he is affectionately known.

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Must See Sights in Bhutan
Taktsang Monastery - Paro Valley

Must See Sights in Bhutan

Must See Sights in Bhutan Frankly most of Bhutan is a ‘must see’. After 17 visits we cannot wait to get back there when borders reopen. The Kingdom never, ever disappoints and constantly amazes discerning travelers. But what really are the essential sights? To Find out read on:

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Motorcycle Bhutan

Motorcycle Tours Tarayana Dragons Support Australia A touching message received from our dear brothers of the 'Tarayana Dragons' Motorcycle Club in Bhutan. The Bhutan ‘Tarayana’ Dragons MC would like to…

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Amankora – Top Luxury in Bhutan

For those privileged enough to take such a journey, up until 31 March 2020 Amankora are offering a free domestic flight & a complimentary therapeutic hot stone bath on their 10 night 'Amankora Journey' private experiences.

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