COMO Uma Paro Wedding Blessing Ceremony


A Bhutanese wedding is much more than a simple exchange of vows and rings. It includes a number of religious rites performed by Buddhist monks and lamas. This represents the importance of the bond between a husband and wife (or partners). Please note this ceremony is not legally recognized outside of Bhutan.

The actual wedding or renewal of vows ceremony is usually conducted in the morning and involves 10-15 Buddhist monks. The blessing takes place in the temple at the Druk Choeding Monastery, 3 kms from COMO Uma Paro. The monastery was built in 1525 by Ngawang Chhogyel a prince-abbot from Ralung in Tibet. Jampa (Future Buddha) is the main statue along with the Bhutanese protector deity Gyenyen.

The ceremony can be arranged most days of the year, except for Auspicious Days, and subject to availability.

Wedding Blessing Package Cost & Inclusions: 

Cost from US$2720.00 per couple.
Additional costs applicable for attending guests, a local Bhutanese photographer, a make-up artist and/or purchase of the traditional gho and kira.

In addition to the 2 hour ceremony the following are included in this COMO Uma resort offering:

  • Provision of traditional Bhutanese dress for the ceremony. A Gho for men and a Kira for ladies.
  • Round trip transfers from the COMO Uma Paro resort to the temple and back.
  • A 30 min traditional Bhutanese hot stone bath for 2.
  • A 60 min COMO Shambala massage for 2.
  • 4 course dinner with wine by firelight in the woods or in the resort courtyard.

It is our recommendation to stay at least 2 nights at COMO Uma Paro to avail this ceremony and receive the benefits of this delightful resort. Accommodation costs are additional.

AUS Toll free, James – 0412 416 111, Nicola – 0413 598 669

Ceremony Details:

  • COMO Uma staff will dress the couple in fine traditional costume – gho for man & kira for lady.
  • The party enters the inner courtyard of the temple through a gateway protected by paintings of the Guardians of the Four Directions.
  • Having removed shoes the party enters the shrine room, observed by statues and murals of important figures in Bhutanese Buddhist culture including the Bodhisattvas, Avaloketishwara (the God of Compassion) and, of course, Guru Rinpoche himself.
  • About 10-15 monks will conduct ceremonial prayers, accompanied by drums, horns and cymbals. The prayers are dedicated to a long, prosperous and happy relationship for the couple.
  • The couple will make wishes & say prayers whilst exchanging white scarves (kha dhar) – the scarves are held and blessed by the head monk, along with symbols of the eight lucky signs throughout the ceremony, before the partners exchange the scarves.
  • The ceremony will last for about 2 hrs, with guests seated on the floor at all times.
  • A Nendar, offering of money, is then presented to the monks (included in the ceremony cost).
  • All guests and the couple should bring offerings for the temple including butter lamps, incense, small cash notes & fruit. They could buy strings of prayer flags and get them blessed for a loved one before hanging them by a river or on a high point somewhere in the Kingdom or even taking them home as a souvenir.
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