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Hike through Bhutan on the Trans Bhutan Trail:

Experience stunning scenery and mix with delightful villagers on the Trans Bhutan Trail (TBT). 

The ancient Trans Bhutan Trail was once the only way to cross Bhutan’s valleys and passes, by foot or horse, before the first road was built in the 1960’s.  It is now possible to hike in the footsteps of royalty, soldiers, merchants & pilgrims.

Restoration of the trail commenced in 2018 and it will be officially opened for travellers and local Bhutanese in March 2022. The restored TBT will offer access to hikers and mountain bike riders.

Tourist travellers can choose to walk 1/2 to 1 day sections of the trail, therefore allowing them to overnight in hotels or homestays. Alternatively multi-sections of the trail can be combined where often overnight accommodation will be in tented campsites. 

Bhutan & Beyond can assist you to include a hike along part of this trail to best suit your itinerary.  

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About The TBT:

  • The 403 kilometre (250 mile) TBT, extends through the country from the Haa valley in far western Bhutan to Trashigang in eastern Bhutan.
  • The TBT crosses 27 Gewogs (groups of villages) and nine Dzongkhags (districts) of Bhutan.
  • The TBT can be hiked, biked or even run.
  • Choose to hike the entire trail, or a shorter series of sections over multiple days or add in 1/2 day or day hikes into your itinerary.
  • The TBT traverses Bhutan which has 70.1% forest cover and is one of the planets 10 biodiversity hotspots.
  • The original TBT dates back to the 16th century.

How hiking on the TBT will benefit the Bhutanese people:

  • Villagers along the trail are now empowered to earn valuable income by provision of meals & services at campsites. 
  • Homestay/farmstay are accommodation options along some parts of the TBT, again providing valuable income.
  • On some remote sections villagers can be engaged as guides for a better understanding of the local cultural.

TBT Hikes - half or full day, when overnighting in hotels or homestays.

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