Zhiwa Ling Resort Wedding Blessing


A Bhutanese wedding is much more than a simple exchange of vows and rings. It includes a number of religious rites performed by Buddhist monks and lamas. This represents the importance of the bond between a husband and wife (or partners). Please note this ceremony is not legally recognized outside of Bhutan.

Wedding Blessing Package Inclusions: (price on application)

  • Folk and masked dances for 1 hour (Lobby of Zhiwa Ling)
  • A bottle of wine & flowers in your room
  • Celebration archery session. (equipment & archery participants incl)
  • Traditional dress Gho (for bridegroom) & Kira (for bride)

The ceremony takes place in the Zhiwa Ling’s own private temple located on the second floor of the resort.

You must stay at least 3 nights at the Zhiwa Ling Heritage Resort in Paro to avail this ceremony.

AUS Toll free, James – 0412 416 111, Nicola – 0413 598 669

Ceremony Details:

Chipdrel Ceremony:
This is a traditional reception. In this ceremony, the bride and groom are escorted by the monks & mask dancers to the temple for the wedding.

The ceremony starts with the lama and the other monks prayers. It is a special prayer ceremony conducted by the monks where they seek help from the guardian deity for the successful wedding ceremony.

Marchang Ceremony:
It is the ceremonial offering of alcoholic beverages to deities with special prayers. This ceremony is conducted at the beginning of important occasions.

Droem and Diza: (Saffron tea and mashed porridge of black dhal)
After the Marchang ceremony, there is an elaborate session of serving fruits, tea and nuts to the couple and any guests.
*Serve Suja Desi.
*Butter tea with saffron rice
*Serve Doma Pani followed by cut fruits and nuts. (Shugdrel)

Barche Lam Se:
This is a prayer ceremony conducted to protect the couple from any misfortune. This type of prayer is essentially recited when one is about to start a new venture and take on any new task.

Kha Da: (White Scarf)
A white scarf is presented by the Lama to the couple and they are spiritually wedded. The guests are offered the Kha Da after the Lama.
Ara (Local spirit warmed with fried eggs)
As a symbol of unity, the couple shares the drink from the same cup. (Milk can be substituted instead of Ara)

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