Amankora Wedding Blessing Ceremony

Bhutanese Art on a wall

Ceremony Introduction:

A Bhutanese wedding is much more than a simple exchange of vows and rings. It includes a number of religious rites performed by Buddhist monks and lamas. This represents the importance of the bond between a husband and wife (or same sex partners). This ceremony is also used for renewing marriage vows. Please note this wedding blessing ceremony is not legally recognized outside of Bhutan.

The actual wedding ceremony and the blessing for a lifetime of love and happiness will take place at either the auspicious Kyichu Lhakhang or the Dem Lhakhang at Paro Dzong, located a few kilometers from Amankora in the Paro valley.

Kyichu Lhakhang is one of the oldest and most sacred temples in the Kingdom, dating back to when the seeds of Buddhism were sown in Bhutan. Kyichu is believed to be one of 108 temples built in a single day by the Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo in order to subdue a demon lying across Tibet and Bhutan. 

Ceremony Options

Full ‘Traditional Wedding Ceremony’

The ceremony can be arranged for most days of the year. Bhutanese traditional dress Gho (for men) & Kira (for ladies) are additional cost @ approx US$40 pp and need to be purchased a day or so before the ceremony.

  • ‘The Forest Wedding Ceremony’
  • ‘Vow Renewal Ceremony’
    Short version or Elaborate versions. 

Additional Options:

  • A special dining set up using traditional tents combined with cultural program & bonfire on the lodge terrace.
  • A photographer or videographer for the ceremony.

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