Booking Terms & Conditions - UNDER RECONSTRUCTION JAN21

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the need for the global travel industry to revise travellers Booking Terms & Conditions (Ts&Cs).

Effective January 2021 the following Ts&Cs will now apply for all new bookings. These will provide our travellers with more transparency & improved financial security.

It is both mandatory, and your obligation as a traveller, to read these Ts&Cs carefully and to fully understand your liabilities. This is essential and for your own protection.

Our Ts&Cs now come in two parts. The first is the updated Terms & Conditions from our parent company, MTA Travel. The second part is our own revised Terms & Conditions peculiar to Bhutan & Beyond. Both sets of Ts&Cs complement each other.

MTA Travel Booking Terms & Conditions

It is both mandatory, and your obligation as a traveller, to read these Ts&Cs carefully and to fully understand your liabilities. This is essential and for your own protection.

These Ts&Cs can be found on the pdf link below. 

Bhutan & Beyond Additional Booking Terms & Conditions


It is both mandatory, and your obligation as a traveller, to read these Ts&Cs carefully and to fully understand your liabilities. This is essential and for your own protection.

It is essential you carefully read and agree to the following Booking Terms & Conditions. These form a component of the contract you enter into when making travel reservations to Bhutan, India or Nepal with Bhutan & Beyond and our overseas partner suppliers.

It is important you are aware, and accept, that pre-planned arrangements may occasionally need to be amended at late notice due to events beyond the control of any operator involved in the provision of your travel related services.


Booking Form & Passport Scan:

It is mandatory that you fully complete our tour booking form on-line and submit this in order we can hold a reservation on your behalf. At the same time, or as soon after as possible, we require  a quality scan of your passport photo page which we use to issue your visa and to also ensure we have your name details 100% correct. We appreciate you limiting each passport scan to less than 2 MB in file size.


Deposits & Final Payments

Please note all our Bhutan & Beyond (referred to as B&B) land tour costs are quoted in US dollars and will be converted into Australian dollars, at the bank exchange rate of the day, when final payment is due.

US$ = US dollars and AU$ = Australian dollars. Please do NOT confuse the two!

Initial land tour deposits will be collected in Australian dollars as quoted below and in the accompanying table of fees.

Final US dollar tour costs will be converted into Australian dollars when due, using the best available bank conversion rate of the day.

Some of our airfares, particularly those into Paro, Bhutan, and some domestic Nepal & India flights, are also quoted in US dollars. These will be clearly advised to you when quotes are provided and bookings are confirmed.

  • Our standard land tour deposit is AU$550.00 per adult & AU$255.00 per child under 13.
  • Student costs and deposits are available on application.
  • Of your deposit AU$190.00 per adult / AU$95 per child is non-refundable should cancellation be made for any reason. This is our B&B service fee regardless of whether travel takes place or not.
  • This service fee is your total liability, to Bhutan & Beyond, for the land tour component, not incl any luxury hotel upgrade Ts&Cs, before final payment is due.
  • In some cases the B&B service fee may be claimable against your travel insurance.
  • Where upgraded/luxury hotels are requested, substituting the 3* hotels used on most of our standard tours, additional deposits may be required.
  • There may also be additional hotel Ts&Cs applicable, for upgrade/luxury hotels, which will be provided at the time of booking confirmation. 
  • B&B requires your tour deposit within 7 days of your tour bookings being confirmed in writing.
  • Final balance of land tour costs is due 35 days prior your arrival into Bhutan, Nepal or India.
  • Cancellation of your tour reservations may occur if your final payment is not received by the due date.
  • Airfares & en-route stopovers (ie. Bangkok) may require earlier payment & be subject to their own Ts&Cs.

3. Voluntary Amendments & Cancellations:

Please read these details carefully for your financial protection.

Voluntary land tour amendments:
Between time of deposit payment and final balance payment deadline, voluntary travel amendments will generally be handled as follows: Two amendments at no charge; additional voluntary amendments @ AU$50.00 per transaction. If amending prepaid air tickets and/or stopover accommodation further amendment fees may also be applicable. 

All amendment requests will be subject to space availability.

It is essential you have your travel insurance in place for your financial protection. 

After your final Bhutan tour balance has been received cancellations will incur fees as follows. Unless advised otherwise similar fees will apply to our Nepal, India & other regional tours.

  • International airfares & stopover accom is subject to the cancellation Ts&Cs set by the airlines/hotels concerned. These may be partially or totally non-refundable.
  • After your tour deposits have been paid there is a non-refundable component of AU$190 per adult / AU$95 per child as a B&B service fee.
  • Bhutan land tour costs are non-refundable after your final balance is paid 35 days prior to arrival in Bhutan.

Deposit date until 35 days prior arrival in Bhutan

Land Tour Deposit is refundable less B&B service fees as gazetted above

34 days or less prior to arrival in Bhutan

No Land Tour Refund Permitted


4. Your Health & Travel Insurance:



You are personally responsible for ensuring your general health & fitness is sufficient for your planned journey.

We strongly recommend you consult your personal doctor, or nearest Travel Medical Alliance (TMA) centre, at least 6 weeks before departure for advice on vaccinations and medications. TMA can be contacted in Australia toll free on T: 1300 421142.

Including a coronavirus update eff JAN 2021.

It is strongly recommended you hold adequate comprehensive travel insurance before you pay your tour deposits.

It is mandatory you hold adequate comprehensive travel insurance before you pay your tour balance for Bhutan or your visa may be denied!

Some travel insurance providers do NOT provide any cover at all for a range of adventure activities such as hiking over 2000 metres, high-altitude trekking, white-water rafting, motorcycling or mountain biking. It is essential you ensure your chosen insurance policy covers you for all the activities you intend to undertake whilst on your journey.

Many insurers now offer limited extra cover for COVID-19/Coronavirus related events. Please ensure you carefully review travel insurance Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) before you make your decision to purchase insurance.

Most travel insurance does NOT cover you if Governments close borders preventing travel to be undertaken at late notice. This is a risk you will have to accept before you make your decision to travel as you may incur financial losses as a result.


5. Itinerary Changes:

Bhutan, Nepal & India can be challenging regions to travel in for a wide variety of reasons. Bhutan & Beyond, along with our partner operators in each region, reserve the right to make necessary changes to your pre-arranged and prepaid itinerary structure where unforseen circumstances dictate such changes. Depending on circumstances a refund may not be offered for such late changes and your travel insurance may cover for any financial loss.


6. Flight Delays & Cancellations:

Bhutan & Beyond and our partner ground operators take no responsibility for airlines amending flight times at short notice and/or cancelling and/or rerouting flights for operational reasons. No responsibility can be assumed for delay cancellation or unavailability of flight or missed connections. In such an instance any additional costs must be borne by the traveller and claimed via their travel insurance.


7. Trip Costs:

Our travel package costs are always quoted in US Dollars and are subject to exchange rate fluctuation until converted into Australian dollars on the day you choose to pay your final balance due. Occasionally we  reserve the right to increase prices after a trip has been quoted on however this is only in instances beyond our control. An example of this is a foreign Government imposing higher tourism taxes before travel has been undertaken or an airline increasing fuel surcharges prior to ticketing.

Unless advised otherwise your trip pricing does NOT include items of a personal nature, medications, travel insurance, telephone calls, laundry, visa charges (except Bhutan where visa fees are always included), excess baggage charges, daily incidental expenses or drinks.

In Bhutan all meals are included in the package costs whereas in India and Nepal generally breakfasts only are included with a few rare exceptions such as wildlife lodges.


8. Minimum Participants for Small Group Tours:

All our standard small group ‘cultural tours’, which have set dates, are guaranteed to depart even if only one person is booked. There is no cost surcharge either so please book with absolute confidence on these tours. The maximum tour size will be 8 persons and the average tour size is 4-6 persons. We like to keep our tours small. Less is best in Bhutan!

For our small group motorcycle tours, trekking tours and other special interest tours a minimum of 3 persons is required to avoid a small cost surcharge of US$30 per person per night. There may be other conditions with these tours from time to time.


9. Motorcycle Insurance & Mandatory Bond Requirements:

On our motorcycle tours your Royal Enfield 500cc motorcycle comes with comprehensive travel insurance cover included with the exception of a US$500 excess. This excess must be paid directly to Bhutan Motorcycles in the event of an accident or damage to your motorcycle or for any 3rd party damage. However this excess is covered using our specially negotiated insurance policy from QBE and can be claimed for on your return. It is therefore mandatory that all motorcycle tour participants purchase their main comprehensive travel insurance from QBE via Bhutan & Beyond to guarantee full protection while riding.

It is also mandatory to hold a ‘full motorcycle’ license allowing the rider to use an ‘over 250cc’ motorcycle legally.

Furthermore an additional motorcycle BOND of US$500 must be made available to Bhutan Motorcycles in cash prior to commencing your journey after arrival in Bhutan. This will be refunded at the end of your trip should no damage have occurred during your journey.


10. Your Acceptance of Risk.

You acknowledge your journey to/from and through this region of South Asia comes with the usual risks of travel and, in some cases, additional risks that are associated with adventure activities and the specific nature of your chosen journey. You accept these risks and the possibility personal injury, death, property damage or loss may result from your decision to participate in such a journey.

You agree that should you be affected by any sickness, serious injury or other unforseen circumstance that Bhutan & Beyond, and/or any of our overseas partner operators, can arrange any urgent medical treatment or emergency evacuation as deemed necessary for your safety and that all such costs will be borne by you and/or your travel insurer.

You also agree that upon completion of our tour booking form and payment of your deposit that you release all claims of liability against Bhutan & Beyond (and all staff) and any and all of our partner operators overseas , including all their staff, for any personal injury, death , property damage, loss or inconvenience sustained by you as a result of this tour, be it a private journey or as part of a small group tour.


11.  Company Information:

All travel referred to on this site is arranged through James Irving & Nicola Irving t/a Bhutan & Beyond.

This business is owned and operated by James Irving & Nicola Irving trading as Bhutan & Beyond ABN 17 802 191 944 under licence from MTA – Mobile Travel Agents Pty Ltd ACN 603 064 044 trading as MTA Travel & Mobile Travel Agents.
IATA number 0235190-4.
Postal Address: P.O. Box 691, Robina DC, Q 4226, Australia.
T: 07 5525 2845; Toll Free 1300 367875: M: +61 412416111 or +61 413598669

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