TBT Hike Options - Central Bhutan

Half day & Full Day Hikes

Hiking Information:

  • Your guide will hike with you and point out special sights.
  • Ideally carry a light day pack for water, snacks, sunscreen (essential), lightweight jacket & camera/phone etc.
  • Consider carrying a small medical kit and any essential medications.
  • Quality walking shoes/lightweight hiking boots recommended; heavy trekking boots are not essential.
  • Walking poles can be supplied on advance application.

Hiking Fitness Ratings in Bhutan:

Due the altitude in Bhutan it does impact the fitness level required when hiking & we do recommend you allow a 48-hour acclimatization period, after arrival into Bhutan before undertaking moderate or challenging rated hikes. Most of the hikes can also be taken in the opposite direction, to best suit your fitness level and itinerary on the day.

  • Easy – Basic level of fitness is required.
  • Moderate – A very good level of fitness is required
  • Challenging – A very HIGH level of fitness is required.

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Pelela (alt 3402m) to Trongsa (2276m)

Hike distance 21 kms, hiking time 6+ hours, max alt 3402m. Easy rated hike.

Pelela is a pass between Phobjikha and Trongsa in central Bhutan. At 3402m above sea level, the Pelela Pass is one of Bhutan’s highest and is traditionally considered to mark the boundary between west and central Bhutan. Descending from Pelela look out for the yak herder camps which can be seen scattered around the valley.

The trail continues through the very traditional village of Rukubji, where you can visit the village Lhakhang (temple), also known as Kuenzang Choeling. Considered to be built some 300 years ago by a Lama named Tshendhen Duelwa. Rukubji is well known for its unique local language.

Re-join the trail for an easy ascent out of the valley, through a forest, before descending to the village of Chendebji. Here visit the Chorten (stupa), built by Lam Ngedup Tshering Wangchuk in order to subdue a local demoness, Nyala Dudm, and bring peace to the Chendebji Valley.

At Chendebji, you will rejoin your driver & vehicle for a road transfer to your hotel.

Overnight Bhutanese Style 3* Hotel.
Breakfast & dinner at hotel & a picnic on the hiking trail


Yotongla (alt 3436m) to Gyeltsa (alt 2574m)

Hike distance 9 ½ kms, hike time 5 hours, max alt 3436m. Easy rated hike.

From Yotongla Pass (3436m), join the TBT. The Royal Family formally used this part of the trail regularly, to transfer between royal residences in Trongsa and Bumthang. The trail descends through meadows and open forest to the Gyeltsachhu (Gyeltsa River). A flat, scenic walk along the banks of the river brings you to Geyltsa village, where you team up with your driver & vehicle for the transfer to your next hotel.

Overnight Bhutanese Style 3* Hotel.
Breakfast at your hotel, picnic during hike & dinner at your hotel.


Babzur (alt 2800m) to Phomdrong (alt 2713m). Central Bumthang Valleys.

Hike distance 4.5 kms, hike time, 3 hours, max alt 2800m.  Easy rated hike.

The trail commences at the Lhodrak Karchu Monastery in the Choekhor valley. Spectacular views (weather permitting) are afforded over Chamkhar town and the Babzur Valley. The Lhodrak Karchu Monastery, was recently restored with the help of the 4th King and now houses over 400 monks of various ages. The Monastery features a huge assembly hall with imposing statues of Guru Rinpoche.

Descending along the TBT, to the village of Babzur, the trail continues on to Pema Choeling Nunnery. Women and girls undertake a nine-year course in the Nyingma Peling Buddhist tradition and are known for a particular drum ceremony known as “chod”.

The TBT tracks south to the sacred Mebartsho (the Burning Lake). Legend has it back in the 15th century, the great treasure hunter Pema Lingpa discovered several of Guru Rinpoche’s hidden treasures. Lingpa had a dream in which he was summoned to this particular location on the Tang River and, when he arrived, he saw at the bottom of the river a temple with many doors, one of which was open. He then swam down into a large cave where he was handed a treasure chest by a one-eyed woman. He would later repeat the feat in the presence of the local people and whilst holding a lit butter lamp which did not go out underwater – and it is because of that that this pool was named “burning lake”.

Enjoy a typical Bhutanese lunch at a local farmhouse in the nearby village of Phomdrong, before transferring by road back to your hotel.

Overnight Bhutanese Style 3* Hotel.
Breakfast & dinner at your hotel & farmhouse lunch.

  • Please note it is possible to overnight at a homestay in Phomdrong.

Phomdrong (alt 2713m) to Ura (alt 3139m). Moderate rated hike. Central Bumthang Valleys.

Hike distance 18 kms, hike time 9 hours, max alt 3576m.

Join the trail at Phomdrong village in the Tang valley  The Trail follows the old East-West highway for a short while before cutting back into the rolling countryside, tracking southwest towards the Ura valley. Passing fields of buckwheat, stop briefly  at the village of Tangsiji where you will rest before ascending to the Sheytangla Chorten (stupa). Experience awesome views of the Ura valley from here. From the Chorten, descend down into the valley towards Ura village, where you will spend the night in a local homestay.

Overnight Ura Valley – Homestay.
Breakfast at hotel, picnic lunch on the trail & dinner at homestay.

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