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Travel to remote eastern Bhutan

Brokpa People from eastern Bhutan are semi-nomadic rearing sheep & yaks

Eastern Bhutan: Finding a hidden paradise!

Embark on a mystical adventure in eastern Bhutan. Marvel at the breathtaking landscapes, immersing yourself in remote villages where the art of weaving flourishes. 

Your inner-explorer will appreciate one of Asia’s finest bird-watching havens, and to experience authentic Bhutanese hospitality in a traditional homestay. Breathe in fresh mountain air hiking a section of the trans-Bhutan trail (TBT).

Eastern Bhutan – Uncrowded and Unforgettable. Take our private ‘Remote eastern Bhutan’ tour soon.  

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Eastern Bhutan Travel Q & A

Q: How do I get to/from eastern Bhutan?  A: Best to fly one-way from Paro to Yonphula, travel by road eastwards to Bumthang and fly Bumthang back to Paro.

Q: Where is the airport in eastern Bhutan?  A: It is called Yonphula and is close to the town of Trashigang.

Q: How many flights are there per week Paro to Yonphula?  A: There are between 2 and 4 flights per week depending on the season. The flight time for direct flights is 35 minutes.

Q: Where can I find weavers in eastern Bhutan?  A: Radi village in far-eastern Bhutan; Lhuentse village in northern Bhutan & Chumi Valley in central Bumthang.

Q: Can I hike in eastern Bhutan?  A: Yes, sections of the trans-Bhutan trail are possible for short half day or day hikes.

Q: Can I travel overland from eastern Bhutan to India or Tibet?   A: Currently the eastern Bhutan border crossing to India is closed to tourist visitors. There are no permitted tourist border crossings into Tibet from any part of Bhutan.

Q: Is it safe to travel in eastern Bhutan?  A: Yes, very safe. The road has been widened, so driving is now safer and more comfortable and the people are extremely friendly & hospitable. There is virtually no threat to tourist visitors, incl single lady travellers.

Women of eastern Bhutan. Bhutanese women own most real estate. You can tour here via Bhutan & Beyond

Article by James Irving – Bhutan Travel Expert

James Irving Bhutan Travel Expert

James has worked in the travel industry for over 40 years & has been involved in the leisure, corporate, group, sport, incentive & wholesale travel genres.

James has visited Bhutan 19 times as at early 2024. 

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