Bhutan Festival Tour

Our annual Paro Festival small group tour, Bhutan 07-17 April 2020, has just 4 spaces left. Don't miss out! Featuring the colour & spectacle of the famous Paro tshechu. Our…

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Amankora – Top Luxury in Bhutan

For those privileged enough to take such a journey, up until 31 March 2020 Amankora are offering a free domestic flight & a complimentary therapeutic hot stone bath on their 10 night 'Amankora Journey' private experiences.

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Bhutan is FAB in Winter!

Winter in Bhutan is also a dry, usually sunny & clear season so great for exploring and hiking. Mountain views are at their best and it is also lower in cost and usually with less tourist visitors. Both very good reasons to contemplate a visit at this time of year.

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Bhutan Mindful Yoga Tour – JAN20

Sal Flynn's mindful yoga tours to wonderful Bhutan have delighted many Australian yoga instructors and their clients for almost a decade now. Sal's talents as a mindful yoga therapy educator,…

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Bhutan’s Snowman Trek

Bhutan's Snowman Trek is rated one of the toughest in the world. From 16-25 days trekkers will be well over 4000 m and the highest point is around 5200 m!…

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Hiking vs Trekking in Bhutan

Whilst hiking can generally be factored in all year round, the high altitude trekking season has become more inconsistent with climate change affecting the region. As at 2019 the trekking season is generally late MAR-early JUN and early OCT to mid-NOV; so it's being squeezed!

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