Bhutan Tourism Update: Best Itinerary for Bhutan Pt 2

Bhutan Tourism Update: Best Itinerary for Bhutan Pt 2

A few weeks ago we suggested a perfect ‘first visit’ itinerary to best experience the many delights of Bhutan.

But what if you’ve already had a first visit and are ready for a second (or more!)? Let’s dig a little deeper.

Women of Eastern Bhutan

The Joys of Remote Eastern Bhutan

These lovely ladies above are from far eastern Bhutan and are easily distinguishable by their head dress. The ethnic groups in this region are Sharchops and Ngalops.

We can offer three different private tours to include this remote region. All are available for year round travel:
Remote Eastern Bhutan – 11 nights
Traversing Bhutan East to West – 16 nights
Traversing Bhutan West to East – 16 nights

Most first time visitors to Bhutan stay in west/central Bhutan. Very few tourist visitors venture past central Bhutan into eastern Bhutan. That is often due to time contraints and, in the past, the hotel standards and road conditions have been poor.

But consider the delights of being one of very few tourist visitors in such a delightful and safe region. That in itself is a special treat in today’s world.

And things have changed over the last 3-4 years. The main road traversing Bhutan west to east has been widened and makes for a happier & less arduous driving experience.

Plus we now can offer regular domestic flights from Paro airport to Bumthang Airport in central Bhutan. This dramatically cuts down the road travel time and the duration of your stay in Bhutan.

The scenery is at times the best in the Kingdom and the hotels have generally attained a better 3* standard, in line with those in the west of the Kingdom.

And the people are so welcoming & delightful.

This region is the heart of weaving in Bhutan and a must-visit for anybody interested in weaving & textiles. Bhutanese weavings are considered some of the best quality in the world. 

Drukair flight ready for loading luggage

Our Remote Eastern Bhutan private tour

Bhutan & Beyond have developed a bespoke private tour of the central and eastern regions that is just perfect for returning visitors.

And it can easily be changed to best suit your personal needs. Just chat with us about your specific interests.

This private tour operates all year round, subject to domestic flight schedules & availability. Check it out here.


Article by James Irving – Bhutan Travel Expert

James Irving Bhutan Travel Expert

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