The Future Of Bhutan Travel By James & Nicola Of Bhutan & Beyond

The Future Of Bhutan Travel By James & Nicola Of Bhutan & Beyond

The Future of Bhutan Travel by James & Nicola of Bhutan & Beyond

Lets forget 2020 and look ahead to see what positives we can take as far as overseas travel goes in 2021.

The Story So Far:

It’s no secret, we’re all fairly stuck at the moment with just a little domestic travel possible.

However, like most of you, we are also desperate to travel again!

James & Nicola, founders and directors of Bhutan & Beyond, spent the 6-month period from May-October downsizing from an acreage property in the Gold Coast hinterland and now reside at Hope Island.

This move has allowed us to insulate our business to cope with whatever lies ahead.

What’s Next for Bhutan & Beyond?

Bhutan & Beyond is busy upgrading our website for a better user experience & feel.

We are developing our next range of small group tours and a new luxury private tour focusing on ‘well-being’.

Plus we’ll be gradually adding in voice functionality; a revamped home page and information on the new generation travel insurance plans.

And YES, they will provide some COVID-19 cover in future!

Up-Coming Consumer & Travel Industry Promotions:

In January Bhutan & Beyond will be featured in the ‘Keep Dreaming’ digital magazine published by ‘Travel & Cruise Weekly’. And we chat about some of our wonderful luxury lodges; two of whom have earned global awards in recent months as selected by Conde Nast Traveler and Trip Advisor.

We’ll also be arranging a flyer drop in the Hope Island Resort/Sanctuary Cove area of the Gold Coast where we can offer private home-based travel consultations.

Lady soaking in a hot stone bath Gangtey Lodge Phobjikha Valley Bhutan

When Will Bhutan Travel Be A Possibility?

Each week brings a new answer! We hope we may see tourist visitors entering Bhutan again by July/August 2021.

And we’re gearing up for that possibility. Of course, It could be a little later.

However, don’t despair!

We will be offering a booking service at NO deposit, or financial liability, until there is more certainty when travel will indeed start up again.

So, please be assured you can book your Bhutan experience with James & Nicola, any time from January 2021 for travel from July onwards.

If we need to extend your journey to a later date that will be done and with no extra service fees for the changes required.

Why Could Overseas Travel Be Delayed That Long?

There’s a myriad of reasons.

Airlines will take some months to re-establish even introductory schedules; and a vaccine needs to be delivered too, of course.

Also, we need our travel hub cities to be safe and functioning (ie. Bangkok & Singapore) and a viable travel insurance system for traveller confidence.

Then the ground tourism industry in various countries must be reignited; that all takes time.

Bhutan has coped exceptionally well during the pandemic.

Most Bhutanese in the tourism & hospitality industries were sent home to their villages of origin and the hotels were all closed down.

The King and Bhutanese Government jointly provided financial and re-training assistance for most disrupted citizens.

However, to kick-start the tourism sector will take some months and visitor arrivals will likely start as a trickle.

It does suggest the earlier you can get into Bhutan the better, as you’ll be one of only a handful of tourists until transport schedules are ramped up & logistical challenges are met.

Start Your Bhutan Travel Planning Now!

Indeed, start your planning with James & Nicola at Bhutan & Beyond now! Please plan for Bhutan travel late July 2021 onwards.

Here are web links to our private tours and small group tours.

Private Tours:
These are usually daily departures, although may reduce to a few times weekly immediately post-COVID due to airline scheduling.

Call or contact us for a quote for your preferred private tour or any version thereof.

Please work on travel dates from late July onwards, until further notice.

Small Group Tours:

We have re-commenced these from July 2021.

Finger’s crossed!

These tours only take a maximum of 8 persons for the very best experience.

These are correctly priced in US dollars.

Note some are special interest tours and include trekking & motorcycling.

Top 10 Things to See & Do in Bhutan:

All our private and small group tours feature these where possible.

Of course, we can easily adapt to a bespoke itinerary to best suit your personal needs.

New Terms & Conditions:

Bhutan & Beyond will soon be publishing our updated Terms & Conditions.

In line with international guidelines these have been amended to provide our travellers with the most transparent and favourable financial arrangements possible in a COVID world.

James & Nicola look forward to working with you on your Bhutan travel reservations and to continue providing our travellers with the very best pricing, guidance, and service.

Call us soon on 1300 367875 (AEDT mornings until further notice); E: or visit  


Article by James Irving – Bhutan Travel Expert

James Irving Bhutan Travel Expert

James has worked in the travel industry for over 40 years & has been involved in the leisure, corporate, group, sport, incentive & wholesale Travel genres.

James loves rugby union, and keenly supports the Queensland Reds and the Australian Wallabies.