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Please select from our range of 2022 & 2023 small group tours.

Bhutanese Monks

Bhutan Cultural Small Group Tours

Check out James Irving, from Bhutan & Beyond, introducing our range of set date,  cultural & adventure small group tours scheduled for 2022 in the video on the right.

Soon we’ll be adding in a similar range for 2023.

Please note our unique selling points for our range of cultural small group tours.

  • Max of 8 persons on small group cultural tours for the very best experience.
  • We guarantee our cultural tours will depart, even if only 3 persons are booked.
  • Wonderful professional guides and great 3-star hotels with private bathrooms. 

AUS toll free, James – 0412 416 111, Nicola – 0413 598 669

Bhutan Trekking Small Group Tours

Bhutan Motorcycle Small Group Tour

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