Covid-19 Bhutan FAQs

Covid-19 Bhutan FAQs

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Covid-19 Bhutan FAQs

One day soon we’ll all be able to travel again. Meanwhile we can still dream and prepare!

Below are some Covid-19 Bhutan FAQs to help you with your future trip planning. Click here for more general FAQs on travel to Bhutan.

Q: What are Bhutan’s Covid-19 Stats?
A: As at 08 July 2020 Bhutan has recorded only 80 Covid-19 transmissions. All are from overseas visitors or returning Bhutanese nationals. There have been no domestic community transmissions. Currently Bhutan has 26 active cases and 54 fully recovered cases. There have been NO deaths at all from the virus in Bhutan.

Q: When will I be able to travel to Bhutan?
A: Bhutan was quick to seal its borders when the Coronavirus was first identified. As a result Bhutan has handled the pandemic extremely effectively. Bhutan’s borders are still closed for all international tourist visitors. We currently don’t know when the borders will reopen. We therefore advise you to plan future trips to Bhutan from March 2021.

Q: How did Bhutan react so effectively to the pandemic?
A: Since the 13th century Bhutan’s valley rulers were exposed to regional epidemics. The Bhutanese Government ensures Bhutan remains well isolated during Covid-19. Bhutan therefore has a quarantine period of 21 days. Each person in quarantine is tested 5 times and, if infected, must return to a further 14 days quaratine after being cleared of the virus.

Q: What if neighbouring India remains affected by Covid-19?
A: The land border crossing with India will remain sealed for as long as India is a risk. International visitors will only be invited from ‘safe’ countries and via ‘safe’ transit cities. Bhutan has advised prospective tourist visitors will require a Covid-19 free certificate issued within 3 days of arrival.

Q: How will I travel to Bhutan when it is safe to do so?
A: Both Singapore and Bangkok Airports are already taking major steps to provide safe transit stops for your onward flight connections. Pre-Covid we enjoyed daily flights Bangkok-Paro, and twice weekly flights Singapore-Paro. Post-Covid flight schedules will be reduced, for a period of time, after entry to Bhutan is again permitted.

Q: Will I be able to travel to multiple countries including Bhutan?
A: It could take many months before it will be practical for you to visit multiple South Asian countries in a single journey. Air travel between Bhutan & India is likely to be off limits for some time. Air flights between Bhutan and Nepal may be the next to open up after Singapore & Bangkok services recommence.

During the Covid-19 period our office is open Monday to Friday, between 09.00am and 11.30am, should you wish to chat with us by phone.

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