Bhutan Hotels

Bhutanese Art on a wall

Bhutan Hotel Options:

All tourist visitors to Bhutan must purchase a prepaid & prearranged tour which includes a 3-star hotel room each night. These hotels are often family owned, usually provide quite spacious rooms and feature private bathrooms. They are simple, clean and traditionally decorated and quite sufficient for many travellers. However please do not expect luxury and the range of cuisine will be limited.

Travellers wishing to upgrade to higher standard hotels & resorts can do so by paying a surcharge. It is possible, and often recommended, that travellers mix different standards of hotels on their journey to fit in with both their preferences and budgets.

Farmstays & Homestays can be selected in lieu of 3-star hotels in some valleys. Travellers will stay in a genuine traditional Bhutanese home and can often undertake some activities with the family. Please note only basic bathroom facilities are provided in these homes.

Please find web links below to the different grades of hotels we use, based on our many years experience in Bhutan. The surcharge costs are noted on the higher grade hotels. Please note all costs for Bhutan are in US dollars.