Farm & Home Stays

Now when you travel to Bhutan you have the option of incorporating in your journey a Bhutanese home/farm stay.

The families have been hand picked by our operator BTCL and will offer the best possible interaction with the local Bhutanese.


English Spoken By All Host Families

A reasonable degree of English is spoken by all host families.

Homestays are now available in the Paro & Punakha Valleys and are soon going to be available in the Phobjkha Valley (Gangtey) and in the Bumthang Valleys in the central region of Bhutan.

Homestays Available In Paro, Phobjikha  & Bumthang Valleys

The homestay packages include typical Bhutanese meals with your homestay family. Please be aware there are no showering facilities and hand-washing only is possible on farm/home stays. Western style toilets are generally offered for guests.

Archery lessons can be arranged for you to enjoy or experience a hot stone bath or a game of Deogar (stone game) with the local villagers.

You can experience the daily life with of the Bhutanese farmer be it churning butter early in the morning or working side by side in the fields.

Homestay per night charges are the same as for staying in a standard 3* hotel.

Please note:  You will still have the full services of your personal Driver and Guide during your homestay experience if required.


Bhutan Farming Season

  • January/February is when the farmers sow the seeds in their rice paddy plantations.
  • Paddy transplantation occurs mid June to mid July.
  • Weeding of the paddy is done once or twice a year in July.
  • Rice Harvesting takes place mid August to mid September.
  • Beating and sorting of rice takes place late September into October.
  • Grinding of rice (in mills) occurs later in October.
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