Bhutan Dragons Charity

Bhutan & Beyond are proud to donate 1% of our company revenue to the Bhutan Dragons charity group.

The Bhutan Dragons, Bhutan’s first motorcycle club, was formed on 17 October 2008 by a group of long time friends whom are all key members of Bhutanese society.

The sole purpose and charter of the Bhutan Dragons is to provide charity support to the most needy in Bhutan’s more remote rural villages. It is a 100% not for profit organisation.

The Dragons make contact with the head of a village or dzongkhag (region) to find out whom is most in need of assistance and the clubs funds are then used for this specific purpose. It may be a school, family or number of individuals in need. Once the supplies are sourced the Dragons will organize a motorcycle charity ride to personally deliver to the community and interact with the recipients.

Three to four charity rides are undertaken annually & assistance to the most needy has been provided so far with direct financial support from Bhutan & Beyond as follows.

  • Provision of 8 wheel chairs to disabled villages in Bhutan’s southern region.
  • Removing a family from an abusive husband and father and relocating them with ongoing support.
  • Provision of cooking fuel/blankets & food to needy families in a number of remote villages in central Bhutan.

The Bhutan Dragons are a ‘not for profit’ organization and all rely on donations and club membership fees for their charity contributions.

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