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Bhutan Visa

All visitors to Bhutan require a passport valid for at least 6 months longer than their journey, and an entry visa for Bhutan which must be pre-approved prior to your arrival. Your Bhutan visa will be arranged by Bhutan & Beyond and all we need is a quality scanned copy of your passport photo page.

Bhutan visa costs are included in your travel package.  A visa authority letter is issued after prepayment for your travel arrangements and the actual visa is entered into your passport on arrival at Paro Airport or at one of the land border crossings. When entering Bhutan through a land border crossing two passport sized photos are also required.


Travel Insurance

It is mandatory for all visitors to Bhutan to hold a valid comprehensive travel insurance policy that includes cancellation & emergency evacuation cover. Bhutan & Beyond can assist with this if required. Motorcyclists MUST hold a valid travel insurance policy which will cover them whilst riding an ‘over 250cc motorcycle’ in Bhutan.

Many travel insurance companies no longer offer cover for trekking, rafting or other adventure activities. Please ensure your policy covers exactly the activities you will undertake on your journey. If you are hiking your insurance cover must allow for altitudes of up to 4000 metres.



Whilst Bhutan is a relatively safe country to visit, and there are currently no mandatory health requirements, public health facilities are basic in some regions. Please note there is a low-level rabies risk in Bhutan and ideally you should seek professional health advice at least 8 weeks prior to your departure. We also encourage all travellers to ensure that their hepatitis & tetanus vaccinations are kept up to date at all times.


Altitude & Motion Sickness

It is advisable to avoid any trekking or climbing until day 3 unless you are at least moderately fit and do not suffer from any lung related condition such as asthma. As a precaution we suggest you carry a small amount of Diamox for altitude sickness as the Bhutan guides & trekking crews rarely carry such medication. If you suffer from altitude sickness please descend as quickly as possible and drink plenty of fluids. Diamox (Acetazolamide) maybe combined with Ibuprofen or Paracetomol and after initial treatment symptoms may last for a few days. Additionally Bhutan’s roads are very windy and motion sickness medication is recommended as a precaution.

Your nearest Travel Doctor in Australia can be contacted by telephoning: 1300 421 142.


Update on Nepal & India Visa Applications

Foreign tourists entering Nepal are no longer able to obtain a visa on arrival at Kathmandu airport & tourist visa’s must be pre-arranged prior to travel in your home country.

Here are the latest visa fees and websites for information and visa processing. It is possible to obtain your visa in Australia. Prior to COVID 19 however most visitors to Nepal would obtain their visa at Kathmandu airport on arrival, this service is currently suspended.

Official webpage of Nepal Tourism Board official is .

Current visa fees are as follows:

  1. US$30.00 – 15 day Visa
  2. US$50.00 – 30 day Visa
  3. US$125 – 90 day Visa

You can obtain more visa application details on these web pages.

Welcome Nepal Tourism Site

You MUST obtain your India visa in advance from your home country of residence, ie Australia. Please proceed to the web pages below for all India visa information and processing options:

INDIA e-Tourist Visa: 
You do not have to send your passport away for this visa option however it is essential you read the conditions VERY carefully!

Or for those who do not qualify for an e-tourist visa please use this web link for visa application information 

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