Giving Back to Bhutan – Did You Know This?

Giving Back to Bhutan – Did You Know This?

Did you know every tourist visitor to Bhutan (except for regional travellers from India & Bangladesh) makes an incredible contribution to all the Bhutanese people and their well-being!

We know so many travellers today want to ‘give back’ to their choice of destination. That is certainly being done automatically for beautiful Bhutan and is an example for many other nations to aspire to!

Your tour payment for Bhutan might sometimes seem expensive, when compared to surrounding destinations, HOWEVER, don’t be fooled. Each tourist visitor pays the Bhutanese Government US$65.00 per person per night (for the first 8 nights stay then it reduces somewhat) as a tourism sustainability levy. This levy is already included in your tour cost.

In many countries this levy would be abused by those in power, but not in wonderful Bhutan. Since the levy was introduced the Goverment has provided all school age Bhutanese with free education and all Bhutanese with free health care. Bhutan has become one of the most progressive of all developing nations and it is a credit to its past & current Kings and governments for their courage & foresight.

And, even better, foreign tourist visitors who pay this levy also are provided with free health care from the hospitals and regional clinics. Sure, they do have to pay for any medications but that is covered by health insurance anyway, which is mandatory to visit Bhutan. I bet that makes the insurance companies happy too!

So next time you are comparing the cost of a Bhutan private or group tour, with other destinations, just remember your contribution to the Kingdom is both empowering this nation and is greatly appreciated.

Article by James Irving – Bhutan Travel Expert

James Irving Bhutan Travel Expert

James Irving – Bhutan Travel Expert.

James has worked in the travel industry for over 40 years & has been involved in the leisure, corporate, group, sport, incentive & wholesale Travel genres.

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