Bhutan Tourism Update
Bhutan is over 70% forest

Bhutan Tourism Update

Bhutan Tourism Update - Sustainability.

Bhutan is 70% forest
Bhutan is over 70% forest

Bhutan is A Model for Sustainability.

Did you know Bhutan actually has ‘sustainability’ written into its Constitution?

And all thanks to the far-sighted and revered 4th King, Jigme Singye Wangchuck, or K4 as he is affectionately known.

K4 decided the ‘happiness of the people’ was more important than GDP. And so ‘GNH’ – Gross National Happiness was born.

GNH consists of 4 pillars and these are mandated when Government policy is formulated and legislation enacted:

1. Sustainable development

2. Environmental Protection

3. Cultural Protection

4. Good Governance And it works beautifully, as any past traveller to Bhutan will attest.

Including enhancing your well-being in Bhutan!

Plus Bhutan has other enviable successes in sustainability such as:

  • The world’s only carbon-negative country
  • Over 70% forest cover & the record for the most trees planted in one hour.
  • A healthy increase in wild Tiger population
  • A ban on plastic bags
  • A ban on smoking
  • Clean air and magnificent scenery

Bhutan’s tourism vision statement is ‘High Value, Low Impact’. …. and tourist visitors contribute directly to Bhutan‘s sustainability by way of the SDF.

That is the Sustainability Development Fee of US$65 per person per night built into tour costs.

The SDF provides Bhutanese with these wonderful benefits:

  • Free education up to university
  •  Free healthcare
  • Tourism infrastrastructure
  • Poverty reduction

Beautiful and oh so wise Bhutan. A true privilege to visit!

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Article by James Irving – Bhutan Travel Expert

James Irving Bhutan Travel Expert

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