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Bhutan Pricing Update

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There is often some confusion on how a Bhutan travel package is priced and whether it is value for money or not!

So we’d love to dispel some myths and clarify Bhutan’s quite unique tourist visitor pricing system.

Bhutan has a set cost per person per night to enter and travel in Bhutan as a foreign tourist.

This set cost is ‘all-inclusive’ and covers a private guide, driver & vehicle; 3* hotel room with private bathroom; all meals, all sightseeing, transfers, hiking & entrance fees; Bhutan Govt Taxes; Bhutan Govt Tourism Fees and visa fees.

There is nothing to put your hand in your pocket for once in Bhutan except for personal items and spending; drinks at the bar and guide & driver tips at the end of your stay.  We even include bottled water daily (except on our Budget tours). 

The nightly all-inclusive tariff depends on the time of year you visit; how many are in your travelling party and how long you stay for. Here is a web link to our Bhutan Private Travel Pricing web page:

Most claims that Bhutan is too expensive stem from two myths.

  1. A visa to Bhutan is an exorbitant cost because they only allow a limited number of tourists to enter every year.
    We still hear this and often from travel journalists!! They couldn’t be further from the truth. A visa to enter Bhutan costs US$40 per person and they will accept any number of foreign visitors. So as long as you can get a seat on a flight into Bhutan you can happily visit anytime. 

  2. Bhutan prices are much higher compared with their immediate neighbours Nepal & India.
    True, but in Bhutan you get so much more for your money! A Bhutan package includes all meals whereas you’ll only get breakfasts in Nepal and India (whom of course we both also adore). You’ll also only get a driver in Nepal and India ; a guide only appears for designated sightseeing tours in the itinerary. Furthermore your visa fees are additional and, especially in India, you’ll pay every step of the way to access important sites and use your camera. Then there are tips and begging. Both are frequent in India and Nepal. There’s no begging in Bhutan and tips are made once only at the end of your tour to guide & driver only (trekking excepted). Combine that with arguably one of the safest destinations on planet earth (virtually no crime against tourists) and you have a ‘great value for money’ experience that our returning travellers attest to.

For our travellers convenience we have a great range of private traveller tour itineraries to suit different tastes, durations and budgets. You can check these out on the two web links below. The full-service tours are recommended for those wanting our close and expert planning & support.

Full Service Private Tours Recommendations:

All of these can be tailored to best suit your individual needs.

Budget Private Tours:
More ‘do it yourself’ planning required and limited flexibility to change the tour structures.

Happy planning and we look forward to talking to you soon.

James Irving

James Irving Bhutan Travel Expert

James Irving – Bhutan Travel Expert.

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James loves rugby union, and keenly supports the Queensland Reds and the Australian Wallabies.

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