Wild East Rodungla Trek 10 days/ 9 nights

Trek Introduction:

  • This 10 day/ 9 night trek  – Trek across the top of eastern Bhutan, this trek provides the opportunity to visit remote dzongs (fortresses/monasteries).
  • Maximum elevation – 4160 m
  • Highest Camp –  3650m.Trek Rating – Moderate/Strenuous (high altitude trek experience recommended)
  • Ideal season for this trek –  April, May, October & November.
  • Please remember you must add at least 5+ additional nights in Bhutan to complete this trek. Two nights prior to commencement of trek (minimum duration required for acclimitisation purposes) & 3+ night post trek before your departure from Bhutan.

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Trek Itinerary:

Day 01: Wild East Rodungla Trek

Toktu Zampa (Bumthang) – Ngang Lhakhang, distance – 12 km, time – 4 1/2 hours.

The trek route follows the Chamkhar Chhu River, coming across villages, temples, meadows and forests of blue pine. Camp at Ngang Lhakhang (Swan Temple) at an altitude of 2,900m.

Overnight Tented Campsite

Day 02: Wild East Rodungla Trek

Ngang Lhakhang – Ugyenchholing, distance – 17 km, time – 7/8 hours.

The trek starts across meadows, dwarf bamboo and crosses enroute several small streams. It further ascends gradually to Phephe la pass (3,360m) marked by tall birch and fir trees. The trail then leads down a stream at 3,200m and valleys filled with dwarf bamboo, prayer walls and stupas. The walk is delightful, breaking out of the forest into broad meadows, pastures of grazing cows and ploughed fields. Camp by the side of the river at an altitude of 2,850m.

Overnight Tented Campsite

Day 03: Wild East Rodungla Trek

Ugyenchholing – Phokpey, distance – 17 km, time – 6 hours.

Today’s route passes through dwarf bamboo forests, meadows and trail dotted with blue alpine flowers. Camp in a meadow at an altitude of 3,650m.

Overnight Tented Campsite

Day 04: Wild East Rodungla Trek

Phokpey – Pemi, distance – 20 km, time – 7 hours.

After about two hours trek from Phokpey is Rodungla pass (4,160m) marked by a chorten with a long, steep descent of nearly 2500m to the valley floor. There are small meadows enroute along with the forests of pines and conifers. Camp at an altitude of 2,950m.

Overnight Tented Campsite

Day 05: Wild East Rodungla Trek

Pemi – Khaine Lhakhang, distance – 21 km, time – 7 / 8 hours.

The route leads through dwarf bamboo with the vegetation changing to ferns and rhododendrons along the route. The trail descends further steeply near a meadow known as Sang Sangbe (2,300m) and then drops off the side of the ridge over a stream at 1700m passing through Ungaar and Zhobi villages enroute. Traversing in and out of several side valleys and villages, the route leads to Khaine Lhakhang, a temple situated at 2,010m.

Overnight Tented Campsite

Day 06: Wild East Rodungla Trek

Khaine Lhakhang – Tangmachu, distance – 18 km, time – 6 / 7 hours.

After traversing in and out of several side valleys, the route ascends climbing gently through the tree line. The next stretch of the route also leads through side valleys reaching to Zerim la pass (1,940m). Passing further through grassy slopes, fields and villages the route leads to Tage la pass (1,760m). Camp is south-east of this pass at an altitude of about 1,700m. The famous Lhuntse Dzong is about 8 km from this camping site.

Overnight Tented Campsite

Day 07: Wild East Rodungla Trek

Tangmachu – Menji, distance – 16 km, time – 5 hours.

Today’s trail traverses through rice terraces and corn fields leading to Menji village (1,800m). Campsite near Darchu Pang Lhakhang(temple) situated in a garden of marigold, geraniums, dahlias and nasturtiums.

Overnight Tented Campsite

Day 08: Wild East Rodungla Trek

Menji – Pemi, distance 20 km, time – 7 hours.

The route continues uphill through thick forests full of dense foliage of ferns and creepers, reaching to Pemi village at 2,450m.

Overnight Tented Campsite

Day 9: Wild East Rodungla Trek

Pemi – Taupang, distance – 21 km, time – 7 / 8 hours.

The trek route crosses Dong la pass (3,900m), offering enchanting mountain views and finally descending steeply through thick evergreen forests. The camp is at Taupang village (2,450m).

Overnight Tented Campsite

Day 10: Wild East Rodungla Trek

Taupang – Trashi Yangtse, distance – 24 km, time – 8 hours.

The path through the forests encounters ferns, red-berried palms and several bird species and gradually descends down to Yangtse, the eastern most town of Bhutan.

On completion of trek you will be transferred by road to your overnight accommodation.