Dur Hot Springs Trek - 9 days/8 nights

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This trek is particularly famous for its hot springs which are said to be the most beautiful natural springs in the Himalayas. Dur Tshachu is located in the Wangchuck Centennial Park & seven hot springs are in this region. The average temperature of the hot springs varies from 38 to 52 degrees celsius.

The Dur Hot Springs Trek – trails lead you through forests of cyprus, juniper, spruce, hemlock and maple, the route also offers opportunity to view interesting fauna such as Snow leopard, Bhutan Takin, Musk deer, Blue sheep, Tibetian wolf and Himalayan black bear.

The Dur Hot Springs Trek is a very strenuous trek if undertaking the 8day/7night version (as per the details below.) For those who are not as super fit we would suggest extending this trek by one night making it an 9 day/8 night trek.    

The best season for this trek is March to April and September to October.

Please remember you must add a minimum of 4 additional nights in Bhutan to complete this trek. Two nights prior to commencement of trek (minimum duration required for acclimatisation purposes) & two nights post trek before your departure from Bhutan. To undertake this trek itinerary in the shortest timeframe it will be necessary to add a return domestic flight Paro/Bumthang/Paro.

Private Trek Tour Itinerary Overview.

  • 1 night Paro with sightseeing & hiking
    (Domestic flight Paro/Bumthang)
  • 1 night Choekhor valley (Bumthang)
  • 8 nights Dur Hot Springs Trek (moderate/challenging)
  • 1 night Choekhor valley (Bumthang)
    (Domestic Flight Bumthang/Paro)
  • 1 night Paro valley

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Detailed Trek Itinerary:

Day 01: Dur Hot Spring Trek

Bumthang – Gorsum, distance – 18 km, time – 7 hours.

The trek starts from Dur village (3,100m) following the river Yoleng Chhu, a river known for it’s abundance of trout. Today’s trail from Bumthang to Gorsum is a gradual climb. Campsite at an altitiude of 3120m.

Overnight Tented Campsite.

Day 02: Dur Hot Spring Trek

Gorsum – Lungsum, distance – 12 km, time – 5 hours.

Today’s trek trail passes through dense forests of spruce, hemlock, cypress, juniper and maples, leading to the campsite at an altitude of 3,160m.

Overnight Tented Campsite.

Day 03: Dur Hot Spring Trek

Lungsum – Tsochenchen, distance – 15 km, time – 6 – 7 hours.

In vegetation along today’s route is dense and similar to yesterdays. When you near the campsite the vegetation thins out and you camp just above the tree line at an altitude of 3,780m.

Overnight Tented Campsite.

Day 04: Dur Hot Spring Trek

Tsochenchen – Dur Tsachu, distance – 17 km, time – 7 hours.

Today’s walk is all the way uphill until Juli la pass (4,700m), if the day is clear, you will have a great view of the surrounding mountains from the pass. Ater crossing the pass the trail, the trail descends to a lake at 4,220m, then climbs again to Gokthong La (4,640m). From this pass it is steep tail down the the campsite at an altitude of 3,590 m. Musk deer, herds of blue sheep and Himalayan black bear are sometimes seen along this route. 

Overnight Tented Campsite.

Day 05: Dur Hot Spring Trek

Halt at Dur Tsachu. After a relaxing breakfast relax in the hot springs or explore Dur today on foot.

Overnight Tented Campsite

Day 06: Dur Hot Spring Trek

Dur Tsachu – Tsochenchen, distance – 18kms, time – 8 hours. 1530m ascent, 1340m descent. Return on the route taken on day 3. Today is going to be one of the most challenging on this trek.

Overnight Tented Campsite

Day 07: Dur Hot Spring Trek

Tsochenchen – Gorsum, distance – 27kms, time – 9 hours. 660m descent.

Overnight Tented Campsite

Day 08: Dur Hot Spring Trek

Gorsum – Dur (Bumthang), distance – 18kms, time  – 6 hours. 380m descent.

On completion of trek you will be met and transferred by road to your overnight accommodation.

Important Note:

If you wish to add in another night on this trek to make it slightly less challenging the itinerary above remains the same until day 7.

Dur Hot Springs Trek – Option 2.

Day 7. Dur Hot Springs Trek

Tsochenchen – Lungsum, distance – 15kms, time – 5 hours. 620m descent.

Return taken on the route on day 3. Campsite at altitude 3,160m

Overnight Tented campsite.

Day 8. Dur Hot Springs Trek

Lungsum – Gorsum, distance – 12kms, time – 4 hours. 40m descent.

The trail descends gradually from the campsite. The trail leads through dense forest of Spruce, Hemlock, Cypress, Juniper and Maple. Campsite at altitude 3,120m.

Overnight Tented Campsite.

Day 09: Dur Hot Spring Trek

Gorsum – Dur (Bumthang), distance – 18kms, time  – 6 hours. 380m descent.

On completion of trek you will be met and transferred by road to your overnight accommodation.